7 Of The Most Independent Dog Breeds

It is no secret that dogs can be very independent, but some breeds are more independent than others.
7 of the most independent dog breeds

23 years ago , a psychologist named Stanley Coren published a work called The Intelligence of Dogs. In this book, the expert classified different dog breeds based on intelligence and other traits. This led many researchers and trainers to open their eyes to what were considered to be the most independent dog breeds.

Dogs tend to travel in groups and today live in areas with humans. At best, they are protected by a human who loves animals. Some races stand for their calmness, their intelligence, their adaptability, their obedience and their ability to learn. These traits make them more self-propelled than other breeds.

Let’s take a look at seven of the most independent dog breeds.

Poodles are a relatively intelligent breed thanks to their strong memory. People with poodles are rarely affected by dogs that do not come home. This is because the poodle has a strong drive and ability to look for and find its home.

This is a type of dog that can basically take walks on its own, even when living in larger buildings. In general, they will recognize their human neighbors and thus find their way home. Their sense of place is incredibly good.

Happy poodle

It is not recommended to have large dog breeds when living in an apartment or other smaller home. Unless it’s a golden retriever, that is. Their fur is not the only thing that is elegant, because they are also the noblest of friends.

Their steps and movements are actually very refined in relation to their considerable size in adulthood.

The behavior is another aspect of these dogs that is worth pointing out. Golden retrievers almost never exhibit violent or disproportionate behavior. This is why they are perfect for families with young children. However, their patience is of course not infinite, so make sure to also educate the children to treat animals well, and not as toys.

They project their personalities with negative pressure, giving them a privileged position among the most independent dog breeds.

German Shepherds are almost always the breed of dog that the police train, among other things to search for drugs or people. With the right training, their nose can become a radar that prevents them from getting lost or losing you.

They often help in hard work, including herding and monitoring livestock. The German Shepherd is the most intelligent breed there is and is prepared for all practical lessons.

Shetland sheepdogs, or sheties as they are also called, can live in both apartments or country houses. They are almost never aggressive for no apparent reason.

They are reserved towards strangers but affectionate towards people they know, and are therefore good watch dogs. These pets can warn their owners if intruders show up through their distinctive shell. They can also be brought up with children and almost never become jealous.

Loyal, active and with good perception. Dobermann are dogs with a strong muscle structure, developed to obey humans. In the previous century, they were the police’s favorite breed.

However, it should be remembered that they are guard dogs. You should therefore provide them with a muzzle when they are young. Appropriate amounts of training and socialization will make them role models among dogs, but their behavior is very much linked to how responsible the owners are.

When talking about the most independent dog breeds, one can not forget the shih tzu. They are also called lion dogs, and they stand out for their loyalty, emphasized way of walking and their adaptability. They have peaceful personalities but remain alert around strangers.

It is very unlikely that a shih tzu will strive far from its owner. Despite their calm, they always observe the surroundings. This is what has given them a reputation as good watch dogs. Since its origin in Asia, however, this has not been the dog’s main purpose.

Three Labradors

It seems that all Labradors are very free, obedient and independent. Remember that these dogs know how to travel long distances while taking care of large herds of sheep and cattle.

Do you want an intelligent, calm dog with good perceptiveness? Maybe you want someone who does not get lost? Then these breeds are very good alternatives.

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