5 Smells That Dogs Hate Most Of All In The World

A dog’s sense of smell is 40 times more powerful than ours, so the strong smells that we as humans like can be annoying for our pets. Not only that, but dogs can also suffer from nasal irritations due to the odors they hate most of all.
5 smells that dogs hate most of all in the world

Dogs have many more olfactory cells than we have, so they can detect odors more intensely and from a longer distance. For them, it is easy to recognize when they like an odor or not. Want to know what odors are unpleasant for dogs? We’ll tell you!

In addition to their incredible smell capacity, we must remember that humans and dogs are very different, so the smells we like will also be different. It is possible that we love how a flower smells, but a dog hates it. How do you know that?

Citrus smell

Maybe you like citrus smell because  it gives a feeling of cleanliness , and therefore it probably smells like the floor cleaner you use. No wonder it is a favorite and a bestseller in stores. However, we forgot something: our dogs hate it.

Yes, if you have a dog at home and do not want to disturb it, you need to change the floor cleaner .  Imagine how intense the citrus smell is to you, imagine it multiplied by 40. This is how your dog feels.

The smell is so strong for them that it can even damage their nostrils and airways.

On the other hand, this smell can be beneficial to you. If you want your dog to stop peeing somewhere in the house, just display the peel or an essential oil of some citrus fruit in that area and the problem is solved!
Nose in close-up


If you like using vinegar to clean your house, we recommend that you change this habit. Your dog does not tolerate this odor. If, on the other hand, you want to prevent the dog from urinating in a certain corner, this is a good way to do it, as vinegar is a natural product that does not harm the dog.

On the other hand, apple cider vinegar has many benefits for our pets, as we mentioned earlier.

Strong chili fruits

Chili fruits emit one of the most annoying odors for dogs. If there is an area in the house that you do not want your dog to go to, put some strong chilies there. Just avoid leaving them in a place where they can reach them.

In addition  , chilies can affect their airways, make their nose itch and cause constant sneezing .  Therefore, if you touched chilis while cooking, do not forget to wash your hands properly before touching your pet as contact with their mucous membranes can cause problems.


If a dog could scream, it would scream because of this smell because it is incredibly annoying to them. Ammonia has a high level of chemicals  , which produces strong odors that, without a doubt, make dogs want to run away quickly.
Dog smells on the ground

This product can cause the animal’s nose to itch and it starts to sneeze constantly. However, some people say that ammonia has a urine-like odor and that it will cause an opposite effect: it will cause your dog to mark its territory.


The mothballs that normally put in our closets disturb dogs very much. But not only that – if your dog eats one of the bullets, it can die! Mothballs are really toxic. Although small, they cause great damage to the liver and a dog’s nervous system.

If you have dogs and want your cabinets to smell good, do not endanger your pet’s life.  Instead, fill small bags with lavender or dried flowers.
We can also add cleaning products and perfumes to the list of odors that dogs hate. It does not matter what it is; they give off an unbearably strong odor to your pet. Do your best to prevent the animal from getting close to any of these products .

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