5 Interesting Benefits Of Sleeping With Your Cat

5 interesting benefits of sleeping with your cat

How do you feel when a soft fur ball cuddles closer when you are in bed? It definitely feels wonderful. It is a tender and emotional experience for you and your cat. It is a very special moment because cats are often very independent. Below are some of the key benefits of sleeping with your cat.

Cat cuddles with girl

Cats usually show their love and friendship when they feel like it… so you may well be grateful if it chooses to sleep with you. Cats love to play on their owner’s bed and like warm places on cold days. If they come close to your face, you can expect to get a kiss or a blow to the head.

Of course, cats are not human. When they are kittens, they need to create a close bond with something to replace the love they once shared with their mother. So when they grow up, they usually choose the morning hours to cuddle. They will even wake you up if they are bored, hungry or want to go out.

There are many benefits to sleeping with your cat, and below we list the best ones:

1. A stronger bond

The bond you create with your cat is not the same as the bond with a dog. Cats are more solitary beings with independent spirits. But they also need affection, especially when they ask for it.

So if your pet jumps into bed to sleep – even if only for a moment – it’s a great sign that you’re important to him. Every time your dog shows affection, the bond between you will be strengthened.

2. Free massage

That a kitten kneads its mother’s stomach when breastfeeding is something that remains in its emotional memory. So when a cat feels good and feels warm as well as safe, it can start to knead you with its front paws.

This is a great way for the cat to show love and happiness. You may experience it as a massage (unless it uses the claws).

3. Better sleeping habits

Cat sleeps on legs

For this to happen, you need to understand your pet’s nocturnal behavior, as your sleep schedule may be different. You may get up when your pet goes to bed, or vice versa. But once you have the same sleep schedule, it will be amazing!

In addition to knowing your pet’s sleeping habits, you can ask yourself: will he wake up all the time? Will he remain silent? Would he like to get under the covers? Does he prefer to sleep close to my feet or put his head on my pillow? Knowing the answers to these questions will help you sleep well. Research has also shown that women who sleep with pets get better rest.

4. Shared body heat

When it is cold, you may need a little extra heat. If you live or sleep alone, there is nothing better than a personal heating system, and a small spinning hairball is perfect for this.

5. A reliable alarm clock

If you have problems waking up in the morning, your pet can be a reliable alarm clock that you can not “snooze”. When the sun rises, your cat can “tease” you to get food, open a door or to access the hot spot you are currently lying on.

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