10 Reasons To Adopt An Adult Cat

10 reasons to adopt an adult cat

When it comes to getting a cat, there are some reasons to adopt an adult cat rather than a kitten. While this may not seem like it, there are many benefits. We will discuss some of them today.

When you choose to adopt an adult cat, you will see exactly what you are getting. Kittens are cute and nice, but you never know what they will be like in the future. A cute kitten can change a lot in the future, so why not adopt an older cat with an already established personality and appearance?

Thick cat in the grass

There are many reasons why cats end up in cat homes, but it is not because they are disabled. Until they have reached a very old age, their abilities remain virtually completely intact.

Young cats are like children  and put everything in their mouths, either because they are getting teeth or because they are exploring the environment. Adult cats, on the other hand, will not waste time and energy gnawing on things. They usually spend the day on more important things, such as disturbing the neighbor’s dog or washing themselves.

During the first years of its life, a cat’s curiosity can lead to a variety of problems, including accidents and injuries. For example, it can bite into cables, swallow things, fall from great heights, etc. Remember the famous phrase: ” curiosity took a toll on the cat “.

We have seen that adult cats almost never stop washing. The little ones do not, however, and get easily dirty. They can also mess up when they do away with themselves. They do not like to swim, but often it becomes a necessity. Adult cats are therefore easier.

Scientist Albert Einstein discovered the crucial link between mass and energy, which led to his famous formula E = (MC) ². This similarity means that the energy level is proportional to your cat’s body mass.

An older cat therefore has more energy, but also uses more of it because it is larger. As a result, they sleep more, break fewer things, and do not insist on biting your toes while you sleep. In the company of an adult cat, your levels of relaxation will be higher.

Children are generally not careful with kittens. They tend to do the opposite of what we say to them. However, adult cats can tell children, run away and hide,  and then plan their revenge. Small cats, on the other hand, are very vulnerable.

By adopting an adult cat, you save yourself the entire training process. Although small cats are good  students,  it is better to get a cat that is already trained and knows what to do and not to do at home.

Playing kitten

Kittens play, run around, chase your feet and try to make impossible jumps. If you choose to adopt an adult cat, you will avoid all these annoying games. In some ways  , older cats are more aware of the importance of taking care of the house.

Many cats are betrayed by their owners and end up in cat homes. They are confused, depressed and have no future. People who adopt cats usually choose small, playful kittens, while adults are left wondering why family after family ignores them.

You should know that a cat can live for up to 20 years if it receives proper care and love. In general, they can remain active and playful for most of their lives.

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